Car Trouble at the Border

My friend and I along with our wives were driving back from Rocky Point to Phoenix .  As soon as we slowed down for the border crossing, his ’98 Mercedes stalled and we couldn’t get it to keep running.  We had to push it a mile until we were across the border, then we called […]

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NARPRO Chosen “Best of the Valley”

Wow! Phoenix Magazine has chosen NARPRO as “The Best Way To Find A Good Mechanic” in it’s annual Best of the Valley Issue. This award is not only a tribute to our website,, but also to the 20 recommended shops that meet our tough 26 point standards. (See Phoenix Magazine, Sept 2008, p. 137) […]

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Low Price Come Ons

I can’t count how many auto repair ads I’ve seen that hype a really low price. And even with all we know about “too good to be true”, the low price stays in our head.   Have you heard this one? A chain store that specializes in brakes has advertised $99 brake jobs for years. […]

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