Why Choose NARPRO?

NARPRO On Time Guarantee

Did you ever arrive at a repair shop only to find out your car won’t be ready until “tomorrow” – you know the drill “we’re waiting on a part”, “we found some other things on your car that need to be taken care of” or “Our Tech went home sick”. Well, this won’t happen at a NARPRO-recommended shop.

Customer Satisfaction is a prime concern. We will always keep you advised as to the status of your car. But, if the unthinkable does happen, your shop will provide you with a rental car free of charge until your vehicle is ready.


Repairs Guaranteed By NARPRO

OK, we admit it – since 2004 we have never had an unresolved complaint for any NARPRO-recommended shop. So here’s what we think is the best Guarantee in the business.

NARPRO guarantees your satisfaction with any repairs performed by a NARPRO-recommended shop up to $7,500.

Here’s how it works: If you ever are dissatisfied with a repair done by a NARPRO-recommended shop (mechanical repair or auto body), here’s what you do:

  1. Contact the shop – 99.9% of the time everything gets set right at this point.
  2. Contact BBB – If you and the shop can’t come to terms, contact the Better Business Bureau. They’ll hold a hearing.
  3. If the BBB finds for you and against the shop and the shop does not follow through then we will pay to fix the problem – up to $7,500.
  4. Contact NARPRO Customer Satisfaction Department at contactus@narpro.flywheelsites.com and we’ll take it from there.


Free Second Opinions

Bring your estimate into any NARPRO recommended shop for a 2nd opinion. An auto technician will go over your estimate and your vehicle, then NARPRO will pick up the bill for the second opinion!


Reasons Why Getting A Phone Quote Can Be Risky And Expensive

We know you’re busy, and it’s easier to just pick up the phone, but you could be taking a risk when you call a mechanic for a repair quote instead of taking your car to the shop. Here’s why:

  1. Inaccurate Information – Often, car owners unknowingly make inaccurate diagnoses, which leads to an inaccurate quote.  According to many NARPRO shops, 37% of phone quotes turn out to be higher than the actual repair costs because of a misdiagnosis from the car owner.
  2. “Low-Ball” Estimates – A shady mechanic could give you an low price just to get you in the door – then, that estimate suddenly rises once you’re in the shop. Or, the mechanic could use lesser quality parts to keep the price down, but those parts also lower the quality of your repair and could result in another repair much earlier than necessary.

Remember:  Good, honest mechanics don’t like to give phone quotes because they know that giving a fair and accurate estimate depends on their personal inspection and diagnosis of your vehicle.


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