Introducing … NARPRO CARES

At NARPRO, we believe in supporting each and every community in which our neighborhood auto repair shops are located. Although we typically do that through community events and automotive related venues, we also want to reach out to the future of our communities … our children.


NARPRO CARES about your children

We’re pleased to introduce you to NARPRO CARESCommunity Aid Resources for Education and Schooling. Whether your child has been home schooled all along, or has been restricted to at home schooling due to this year’s pandemic, we want to provide you with some FREE resources that you can use to aid in your child’s at-home education.

Reading Tips

  • Improve a child’s reading skills by increasing their love of reading.
  • Model reading by reading aloud to your child – When they follow along, they will learn sight words and improve fluency without direct instruction.

Online Reading Resources

  • Epic: With over 40,000 books online, Epic provides a variety of reading options, a way to track your child’s progress, and plenty of topics to feed their curiosity and keep them engaged.
  • Tween Tribune: This site is like an online magazine with a wide variety of topics and reading levels.
  • FunBrain Reading: Download and read books online … no need to go to the library or even leave your house!
  • Reading Intervention at Home: In addition to the resources mentioned above, this site provides several more sites that make reading at home fun and enjoyable for your child.

Writing Tips

  • Make your own books! It’s a great motivator for writing.
  • Let your child pick what to write about – it could be a favorite book, movie, trip, etc. When they’re interested in the topic, writing becomes more interesting.
  • Have your child write a short play and act it out – involve the whole family and make it FUN!


Online Writing Resources

  • Story Jumper: This is a great program for making your own books online. It’s free as long as you don’t order the books.
  • Time4Writing: This is a sub-site of Time4Learning, which is a paid online homeschool curriculum. However, they have compiled some FREE writing resources including games, writing worksheets, and instructional videos.

Math Tips

  • Show your child how math fits into everyday life. It won’t seem as abstract and it can be FUN!
  • Work through your child’s math problems with them. Then, once they’ve shown a good level of understanding, let them do more on their own to test their knowledge.

Online Math Resources

  • Manga High: Check this site out for free with a free trial. It includes over 700 activities to get your child engaged with and excited about math and coding.
  • CoolMath4Kids: Math at home becomes FUN with these games, manipulatives and brain teasers!
  • Khan Academy: This site also has other subjects and is a great resource for both teaching and practicing math skills.

Online Social Studies Resources

  • org: Provides free civics resources to keep kids learning at home.
  • Freedom Homeschooling: This site offers a number of history, geography, and social studies resources for various learning levels.

 All Subjects

  • Curriculum Pathways: Provides a variety of curriculum choices that are currently free due to the Covid-19 crisis.
  • PBS Learning Media: This site offers free learning videos, interactive lessons, and lesson plans in a variety of subjects.

Tech-Career Resources

Is your child interested in working in a trade? Every thought about a career as an auto tech? The resources below might open up some doors!

So there you have it … a few FREE online resources to get your child excited and engaged with at-home learning. Whether homeschooling continues, or is just a temporary fix for your child’s educational needs, we want you to know that NARPRO CARES and will continue to support our communities in any way we can.