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NARPRO – The Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals is a group of passionate and compassionate, locally owned and operated auto repair professionals, dedicated to their business, their employees, and their community. Although a marketing company, primarily focused on the promotion and growth of its members’ businesses, it is equally a company that is committed to the local communities in which we are rooted and will always consider that when making decisions that affect both. We both solicit and encourage our members to participate in the many community-oriented activities throughout the year.

  • What is a Cooperative Marketing Association and how will it help me?

    Our Co-op Marketing Association helps independent shops compete effectively and affordably with large chains and franchise outlets.

    The Co-op pools the resources of all its members to provide marketing and advertising that no one shop or small group of shops could afford on its own.

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  • NARPRO Helps Good Customers Find You

    Our job is to bring you new non-coupon clipping customers – customers who are looking for a good shop they can do business long term but couldn’t have found you otherwise.

    The car owners we market to look for a trusted referral, they search for information, and they make their decisions based on evidence, not the kind of fluff found in an average Yellow Pages ad or a shop website.

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  • Earning A NARPRO Certification

    Because of our standards NARPRO does not accept everyone.  In fact we limit membership in an area to so you won’t be overloaded with competitors.

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  • What Marketing Do You Do Now?

    Making NARPRO part of your marketing mix makes sense, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do.

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  • How NARPRO Markets for You!

    We use various methods and media to communicate our message – that NARPRO lists the best and most reputable neighborhood auto repair shops and auto body shops in the area.

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