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NARPRO – The Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals is a Cooperative Marketing Association for Independent Auto Repair shops and Auto Body shops.

NARPRO’s mission is to bring quality customers to our members and trustworthy, competent auto repair to the consumer.

  • What is a Cooperative Marketing Association and how will it help me?

    Our Co-op Marketing Association helps independent shops compete effectively and affordably with large chains and franchise outlets.

    The Co-op pools the resources of all its members to provide marketing and advertising that no one shop or small group of shops could afford on its own.

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  • NARPRO Helps Good Customers Find You

    Our job is to bring you new non-coupon clipping customers – customers who are looking for a good shop they can do business long term but couldn’t have found you otherwise.

    The car owners we market to look for a trusted referral, they search for information, and they make their decisions based on evidence, not the kind of fluff found in an average Yellow Pages ad or a shop website.

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  • Earning A NARPRO Certification

    Because of our standards NARPRO does not accept everyone.  In fact we limit membership in an area to so you won’t be overloaded with competitors.

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  • What Marketing Do You Do Now?

    Making NARPRO part of your marketing mix makes sense, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do.

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  • How NARPRO Markets for You!

    We use various methods and media to communicate our message – that NARPRO lists the best and most reputable neighborhood auto repair shops and auto body shops in the area.

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  • So, how much is membership – and what results can I expect?

    Membership dues vary depending on the area you’re in, its population, cost of advertising, cost of living and possible industry partner membership.

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