What’s That Sound?

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Auto Shops, Car Care Tips

Local Mechanics Help You Decipher 5 Common Car Noises

(PHOENIX) – The first warning sign your car needs attention is often a sound. Understanding where the noise is coming from and when can help determine whether you’re dealing with a quick fix or an urgent repair.

Your Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals (NARPRO) are sharing the most common sounds.

Screeching or squealing under the hood

This is likely related to your serpentine belt and needs immediate attention. It may be the belt, tensioner, or something it is trying to drive. The belt powers the alternator, air conditioning compressor and other major systems. If the belt snaps, your car won’t run.

Squeaking, clicking or groaning when you turn

Depending on the sound and its intensity, it could be as simple as adding power steering fluid or more complex like replacing the steering linkage, drive axle or CV joint.

Squealing brakes

A high-pitched sound when you press the brake pedal most likely means the brake pad indicator is rubbing against the rotor, which is designed that way to alert you. While an immediate fix is not needed, it’s a warning sound meant to draw your attention and action. If the sound is lower and more intense (like a groan or grinding) then the brake pads could be seriously worn and need immediate replacement. Paying attention and noting when you hear noises can help the mechanic diagnose the problem.

Rattling, roaring or humming underneath the car

These sounds often indicate a problem with the intake or exhaust system. It could be out of alignment or there could be crack or a blockage.  A malfunctioning system could lead to carbon monoxide venting into the car’s cabin so be sure to have a certified mechanic inspect it right away. Intake leaks can confuse vehicles’ computers as they can allow unmetered and unfiltered air into the engine.

Thudding tires

Check the air pressure to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s recommended levels. Noises can get louder as you go faster. If you hear a rattling noise from the wheel when going slow and then it stops when you drive faster, a nut could be loose inside a hubcap which needs to be addressed ASAP.

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