It’s about time to pack up the family car and hit the road for your annual Holiday road trip! But if you have young children, this car trip can be anything but smooth sailing. To help you have an easier time driving to your destination this Holiday season, check out these 3 tips for traveling with young kids.

3 Great Tips to Keep Young Children Happy on Road Trips

Tips to Keep Young Children Happy on Family Road Trip

1.  Talk about the road trip before you go. 

Young children can have trouble dealing with new or unusual situations, so it’s important that you explain to them what the travel plans are. A few days before your Holiday road trip, discuss how long the trip will be to help prepare them.

For example, if it’s a 3-hour road trip, tell them it will be like the amount of time it takes to watch 2 of their favorite movies, or if it’s an 8-hour car ride, tell them it will be the same amount of time as a school day. This can help them grasp the concept of time better, and they can even help you pack what toys and activities they want to do during the long trip.

2. Pack plenty of snacks and activities.

Keeping your young children occupied and comfortable is the main thing that will make your family road trip easier. Have them help you choose snacks, games and movies to bring so they can get involved in the planning. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks for everybody so that no one gets left out or starts to argue over the different choices.

If your car ride is going to be especially long, consider letting them watch a movie or pick out a new book or two to read on the trip, and don’t let them watch that movie or read the book until your trip is underway. It will give them something to look forward to! Make sure you know the rules to some fun family road trip games as well so you can spend some quality family time together!

3. Practice before you leave.

After you have finished packing up the car, but before you are ready to leave, have everyone get in the vehicle and make sure they can reach everything they need. There’s nothing more difficult than packing the snacks and activities and then realizing that you can’t get to them when you need them! This “practice run” will also help young children realize that they may have to use the restroom one more time before you leave after all.

Have Safe Travels This Holiday Season!


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