Some More Hot Weather Driving Tips That Could Save Your Engine

Even though you feel nice and cool in the front seat of your car- the air conditioning is blowing on you, the tint on your windows is blocking out most of the sun’s heat, and an ice cold water bottle is in the cup holder next to you -your car, and more importantly the engine, could be dying of heatstroke on the outside! Make sure you’re taking precaution to keep your car and engine as cool as possible on the road. Here’s a couple suggestions to help you out…

First, and most importantly, slow down. When you drive at a high speed, you are putting a lot of demand on your engine and transmission, especially when it’s hot outside. Getting to your destination 20 minutes ahead of schedule might not be worth the risk of frying out your engine, or worse, not making it at all becasue you are stranded on the side of the road!

Next, make sure to watch your car’s temperature gauge. If you notice it starting to rise rapidly, it’s suggested to actually turn the heat on in your car. This will bring heat away from the engine and give it a chance to cool down, and hopefully prevent it from overheating. But, if the engine does overheat, stop driving immediately and don’t start again until it is cooled off.

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