Summer Car Care TipsSummer car care. The dirt … the heat … the lack of rain. There are fluctuating temps that do a number on your battery. No matter where you live, all cars will benefit from a few summer prep services and items. The summer months can also put your vehicle through a lot. Preparing it now could save you time and money (and breakdowns) down the road. And honestly … who wants to deal with that?

Don’t Panic … The Long List Isn’t a Difficult One … But It’s Worth Reading

Before you start going crazy and booking every preventative maintenance service known to man… or a repair shop … get some input from your auto mechanic and also read your manufacturer’s handbook about recommended service and intervals; these are just some tips we think your vehicle would benefit from that most people overlook.

  • Oil changes and oil quality are important; as a vehicle racks up miles, the seals on its engine begin to wear, and switching over to a heavier oil with different detergents could be a helpful upgrade in summer months, according to a recent article in Motor Biscuit. Higher temps tend to benefit more from higher oil weight or viscosity.
  • Prepare your A/C! We don’t need to tell you WHY to do this one, except that adding a little refrigerant could help solve the issues of your air not being as cool as it could be. If the A/C only blows cold for a couple of weeks and then gets warm, you may need a mechanic to check the condition of the system and the compressor.
  • Check your car battery! They don’t like extreme temps, whether hot or cold, so find out the date of the battery, the condition of the battery and consider replacing it before it leaves you stranded in the Arizona heat.
  • Fresh antifreeze and coolant fluids is a great idea – but better left to the professionals if possible.
  • Fresh air in your vehicle’s cabin is important – and the condition of your cabin air filter depends on you. They get clogged with bugs, dirt, dust, leaves and more from time to time. Now is the perfect time to have it replaced. Maybe the engine filter too while you’re at it…
  • You can rotate, inflate or deflate and monitor your tires, but if their condition isn’t great, buying a new set of wheels is a safe and smart decision for the hot pavement driving.
  • Find a trusted repair shop (https://narpro.com/) to just check the overall condition of your vehicle.

Trust Our Recommendations for Repair Shops

No one knows the parts and systems of your vehicle and how they should look and run for summer driving like a trusted repair shop. We have done the work for you; visiting one of our recommended repair shops means you’ll get the quality service, expertise, pricing and parts your vehicle (and you) deserve.