Free AC Check at any NARPRO Shop

Don’t get stuck in a hot car this summer. Prep your car for a cold flowing Air Conditioner now!

All Valley NARPRO shops are offering a FREE AC check now through summer 2020. 

Your NARPRO shop will check the following for Free on your vehicle’s air conditioner…

Test system temperature drop (ambient condenser vs vent temperature) blower operation, mode door operation, belt condition and tightness, compressor clutch operation, inspect lines, and fittings for signs of leakage. 

No purchase necessary. Please call to schedule your A/C Check today.

To find the nearest NARPRO shop location, go to www.narpro.com/find-a-shop

NOTE: Does not include system pressure tests or refrigerant. Must make an appointment to schedule A/C check. 


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