Tire Safety Week May 18-24

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2020 National Tire Safety Week is May 18-24th

The shops of Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair seek to educate motorists about tire care, safety and maintenance, including the potential dangers of unsafe used tires.

Vehicle maintenance is something that can easily get pushed to the back burner. But, did you realize, tires are the first line of defense for the safety of you and your family? Tires are integral for stopping, turning, and overall safe travel.

National Tire Safety Week is an annual industry-led program that educates motorists about all things tire-related, including care, safety and overall maintenance. Prioritizing proper tire care helps avoid dangerous flats and blowouts.

With the scorching summer heat just around the corner, there is really no better time to brush up on your tire wear-and-tear education. One of the most detrimental things for tires is the heat. In Arizona, when temperatures reach 100-plus degrees, the pavement can actually be closer to 180 degrees. When tires are forced to withstand exorbitant heat, it could lead to significant damage if the tire is compromised in any way.

Many times, tires can be damaged or worn but look fine to the untrained eye. That’s where a professional’s opinion can be crucial. Companies like those endorsed by NARPRO (Neighborhood Automotive Repair Professionals) are happy to do a free tire inspection at any time. Take advantage of this service.

    Tire Pressure

    Tire pressure is also essential to appropriate tire wear. A properly inflated tire helps the heat dissipate and prevents blowouts. Check the inside of your vehicle’s door panel to determine the proper air pressure, not the numbers on the side of a tire.

    Arizonans should also know that heat can shorten the life of a tire. Even if it hasn’t hit the standard 25,000 miles, a tire in the Valley is only good for 5-6 years. As an educated consumer, you want to look at the born-on date that is on the side of every tire. The four-digit code tells you what week and year the tire was manufactured. When you purchase new tires, make sure to visit a reputable shop so you aren’t being sold old – or worse – expired tires. 

    Lastly, did you know you can now use nitrogen in your tires instead of regular air? The benefits of doing this include slower air dissipation through your sidewalls and less oxidation of the internal rubber – plus, it’s better for the environment. While you will still need to regularly check your pressure, you can do it once a month now, versus once a week. Most reputable tire shops provide nitrogen as an option for a nominal fee when they check your tires.

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    Commnity Tire Pros and Auto Repair Shop

    Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair is different. Since 1945, we’ve been offering a remarkably different auto service experience than the typical dealership or service station. We build our entire system with the client’s mindset, asking ourselves how we can put customers at ease, treat them with respect and provide a “hassle-free” experience.

    Our locations are staffed with ASE Master Certified Technicians that can perform a wide range of auto repairs and services including; diagnostics, emission repairs, brake services, alignments, oil changes, a/c service, suspension, and much more. On our services page, you can view all of the services that we offer. Of course, we don’t expect you to be the expert on your vehicle – that’s what we are here for. Call or come into your nearest location and we will test drive your vehicle to see what is happening. We will then take the time to answer any questions or concerns you have before moving forward. We use our courtesy shuttle to erase the burden of having the car in the shop, giving customers a ride to work or helping them pick up their kids. Work is backed by our legendary Community Tire Warranty. This covers all auto repair in Arizona for 36 months, or 36,000 miles, whichever is to your benefit.

    We provide honest advice, fixing problems fast, and help people stay on top of routine maintenance and head off potential problems. In turn, our clients reward us with one of the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings in the industry. Please stop by your nearest location and meet us!

    DID YOU KNOW? We now offer Hybrid Maintenance at our three retail locations:

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