Avoid Being Taken For A Ride Local Experts Reveal How To Buy Used Car

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Auto Shops, Car Care Tips, NARPRO

The average transaction price for a used vehicle in 2020 is expected to top $21,000, a record high, according to Edmunds.com. In 2019, the automotive research site reported nearly 41 million used cars, SUV’s and trucks were sold at an average price of $20,600.

With so much money at stake, your Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals (NARPRO) want to help you avoid being taken for a ride. A vehicle inspection performed by a certified mechanic before you buy can reveal:

  • Problems with the body, frame and engine.
  • Fluid leaks and electrical and mechanical issues.
  • Overdue maintenance and recalls.
  • Poor repair work, fire and flood damage.

As a potential buyer, you’ll also want to check the vehicle’s history. The Department of Justice’s National Motor Vehicle Title Information System offers information about a vehicle’s title, odometer data and certain damage history. Expect to pay up to $4 per report.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) offers a free service to determine whether a vehicle has been reported stolen, but not recovered. The NICB says vehicle cloning is a lucrative crime. For less than $2,000 a criminal can use a computer, printer and engraving pen to counterfeit a vehicle’s numbers, stickers, labels and titles.

Here’s how the NICB says cloning works:

  • Criminals copy a vehicle identification number (VIN) from a legally owned and documented vehicle. The copied VIN is used to create VIN tags.
  • Criminals steal a vehicle similar to one with the legitimate VIN. The stolen vehicle’s true VIN is replaced with the counterfeit VIN, making the stolen vehicle a ‘clone’ of the original.
  • Criminals often cross state and international borders to sell to unsuspecting buyers, typically using counterfeit ownership documents.
  • Because most licensing agencies don’t check for duplicate ownership when an out-of-state ownership document is surrendered, the odds of discovery are low.
  • If you buy a ‘cloned’ vehicle and it is discovered, the car you bought will be confiscated and returned to the original owner of the insurance company.


For a complete checklist on used car use our Vehicle Purchase Checklist

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