7 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Car Care Tips, NARPRO

We can all agree that this has been a HOT summer!  And, one thing that gets uncomfortably hot in the summer sun is your car. So, why does your car feel like an oven and what can you do to keep your car cool this summer?

Why Does My Car Get So Hot?

Your car’s windshield allows the sunlight to come in and the rays get absorbed by dark objects, like your seats and dash. Since most people keep their windows closed when they park, the heat gets trapped and amplifies off these objects. Even on a mild 75-degree day, the inside of your car could warm to triple digit temperatures in just 20 minutes!

With the temperatures in triple digits to begin with, we have some tips to keep your car cool.

How to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

  1. Window Shades and Visors- A sunshade is a physical barrier that prevents the sun’s rays from passing through your windshield. They are a cheap way to keep your car from heating up and also protects your dashboard and fabrics from fading.
  2. Park in the Shade- This is a free and simple tip. Park in the garage when possible or find a shady spot. The best way to beat the sun is to stay out of it!
  3. Crack the Windows Open- Another easy tip on warm days … keep the windows slightly open, but not enough to entice a thief. Hot air rises and can escape from the interior. While this will not cool your car much, every little bit helps.
  4. Tint Your Windows- This is a more expensive option, but tinted windows block out some of the sun’s rays, helping keep your car cool. Just make sure to check your state’s laws for tinted windows.
  5. Lower the Windows When You Start- When you get started on the road, the fastest way to force the hotter air out is to lower the windows and blast the A/C. Try this for about 30 seconds before rolling the windows back up.
  6. Service Your Air Conditioner- Prevention is key when it comes to A/C problems. An annual inspection of your auto A/C may help prevent costly repairs. Also, who wants to be without A/C in the middle of the summer?
  7. Service Your Cooling System- Cooling system failures are one of the leading causes of vehicle breakdowns on the highway. You don’t only want the interior of your car cool, but the car’s mechanical system needs to be cooled as well. Most cooling system breakdowns can be prevented by preventative maintenance.

How NARPRO Auto Repair Shops Can Help

We hope these tips help you keep your car cool this summer. If you need your A/C system or cooling system serviced to beat the summer heat, NARPRO can help! NARPRO (the Neighborhood of Automotive Repair Professionals) is made up of independent, family-owned, full service auto repair shops that have passed 26 rigorous tests.

Any NARPRO repair shop is able to help you with regular maintenance. They can also answer any questions you may have about your vehicle. NARPRO is the easiest way to find an honest mechanic in the Valley!

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