Are you super protective of your vehicle’s shiny paint job? Do you give evil glances to stray shopping carts? Do you park your car in the farthest, emptiest corner spot that you can find?

Yes, you may go to great lengths to keep your automobile’s exterior smooth and ding-free, but did you know that some of the simplest things could be eating away at your car’s paint as we speak? Many very common things are more abrasive and acidic than you think! Take a look at these 6 things that could be doing damage to the outside of your car.

Funny Scary Bird Looking to Poop on Your Car

6 Common Things That Can Damage the Paint on Your Car

1.  Coffee & Soda. Refreshing, delicious and acidic. These beverages contain acids that are harmful to your vehicles paint job. Anytime you spill them on your car, make sure to wipe it off immediately and don’t let it just sit there!

2.  Bugs Splats. You car is a bug-crushing machine. We tend to just regularly wash these bug splatters off of our windshield, instead of the front of our car as well. Unfortunately, bug guts are also acidic. If you wait too long to get them off of your car’s grill, you’ll see just how difficult, annoying and damaging these guts can be.

3.  Gasoline. The last time you fueled up, did you top off? Topping off or pumping gas in a hurry can lead to spills or splashes on your vehicle’s paint. A gas stain is nearly impossible to completely remove once it has set in. If you do flub it up while fueling, wipe gas off the paint with an instant detailer and a microfiber cloth.

4.  Bird Poop. Birds aim for clean cars. We don’t have scientific proof of that, but we’re pretty sure it’s true. Bird poop is another thing that has acidic properties, so don’t let it sit on your automobile’s paint for days.

5.  Writing ‘WASH ME.’ Yes, it’s funny. Yes, it can damage your car’s exterior. Dirt is abrasive like sand paper, so when you use your finger to write messages or draw hilarious pictures, the dirt can scratch you car’s paint. That picture probably wouldn’t be as funny if it was permanent…at least to you.

6.  Sprinklers. Try not to park your car next to a sprinkler. The random water spots that it leaves on your car can get baked in by the sun and become impossible to remove.

The key to keeping your car’s paint job smooth and shiny is to be aware of all these common elements that can do it harm. Regularly wash your car and always make sure to dry it as well so random streaking doesn’t occur. And finally, remember that accidents happen. No automobile is perfect, so just enjoy the ride!

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