Regular car maintenance plays a crucial role in extending the useful life of a vehicle as well as saving money.

1. It can uncover other problems.
Regular car maintenance is a great way to discover other potential concerns. Whenever the mechanic is working on routine maintenance, he or she can notice other irregularities. Perhaps a belt has excessive wear on it and is near the breaking point. A  review under the hood might reveal the fluid levels are much lower than recommended. If you do not keep your vehicle’s fluid levels at recommended levels, it can lead to any number of negative consequences that require major repairs.

2. It can prevent larger problems.
Regular car maintenance can save individuals money on future repairs. When a car receives routine oil changes, it reduces wear and tear by keeping the car’s engine properly lubricated and operating efficiently. If you fail to get regular oil changes and keep the vehicle’s oil clean, the pistons and carburetor can become clogged. This can cause problems that might lead to more expensive engine work down the road.

3. It can save labor time.
Doing regular car maintenance can cut down on mechanic time. Regular maintenance usually requires less time than more advanced work. And, mechanics charge by the hour, so the more advanced work a car needs, the more time is needed to get the job done. The bottom line is higher labor costs.

4. It can save money on towing.
A properly maintained car lowers the chances of being stranded on the road. Even though there is always a chance that a car can break down, individuals can lessen their chances of this occurring by keeping everything in good working condition.

5. A good local mechanic almost always costs less than a dealership
Ask around, and do your homework – finding a good mechanic who will get to know your vehicle can save you big versus a dealership. The mechanic just does repair and maintenance, whereas the repair shop of a dealership is often the source of profit that supports the entire business – forcing them to charge more for the same service. So, next time you’re in a dealership – look around and realize that most of the costs that go into making a showroom look great, are paid for by the service department.

Some Other Car Maintenance Tips:

  • Don’t just wait for your mechanic to check your fluids. This is your responsibility. It’s a good idea to add a recurring task to your calendar reminding you to check fluids in each of your vehicles at least once per month. If you notice a problem early and take the car into your repair shop, chances are they can solve it before it becomes major.
  • Save money by keeping a repair maintenance log of all work done. Be certain to record the date, amount spent, who did the work, the mileage, and/or where the repair was done. This will ensure whoever does work on your car has a good understanding of the vehicles history. Otherwise, they may repeat a service, like an oil change, before it is actually due.