Quality Phoenix Auto Mechanics

Before trusting someone to fix your vehicle, it’s vital to ask them a few questions. This process will help you get a better idea of the quality of the mechanic, and you’ll be more at ease knowing that you’ve selected the right auto repair shop for your needs. Knowing what to ask ahead of time helps you be prepared and ensures that you’ll feel confident.

Question 1: Are the mechanics certified?
There are several different certifications that an auto technician can earn over the course of their career. These certifications require extra training and typically, the technician must pass rigorous testing in order to be awarded the certificate. Going with a repair shop that has certified technicians on staff means that you can rest easy that only the best talented professionals are fixing your vehicle.

Question 2: Does the repair shop belong to any associations?
This is another very important question you should always ask a repair shop. Most associations require that their member auto repair shops follow a strict code of ethics and put the customer first. This goes a long way in helping you gain the trust that this repair shop is not going to invent issues with your vehicle and that they will be straightforward with you.

Question 3: What type of parts do they supply?
Some auto repair shops will offer customers the choice of after-market or used parts as well as original manufacturer parts. However, there are some shops that will put in used parts and charge the same amount that they would for a new part. Ask to see what your options would be and be wary of any repair shops that won’t share this information with you. While used parts have their place, especially if you’re on a tight budget, you need to have the ability to choose what is going to go in your vehicle.

Question 4: What is their hourly rate?
This is a very important question to ask. Labor costs will vary widely from shop to shop, and while it is important to get a good deal on your auto repairs, it’s also better to pay a little more for technicians who are certified and have more experience. Asking them for their hourly rate in advance will also help you avoid any potential sticker shock after the repairs have been completed.

Question 5: Will they provide you with any references?
It’s one thing to take a shop owner’s word about their service, it’s quite another to hear it from another consumer. Ask if they will provide you with a few local references and make sure to follow-up with each one. A repair shop that won’t provide references is a shop that you’re better off bypassing.

Question 6: Do they have experience working with your type of vehicle?
This is very important for owners of import vehicles, particularly in smaller towns. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a small, local and independent repair shop, but it is vital that they have experience working on your particular type of vehicle. An honest shop owner will not be afraid to admit that they don’t normally deal with import brands and typically, they will refer you to a shop that has more experience.

By asking these questions, you’ll be able to make an educated decision the next time your car needs repair, and you won’t have to worry about the quality of the work being done.