Don’t Feel Overwhelmed by Costs at the Pump – – NARPRO has EASY Money Saving Tips


NARPRO (Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals) in Phoenix has many easy and inexpensive ways for consumers to maximize their fuel budgets before they hit the road. 


  • Take good care of your car. Change your air filter when dirty to make sure your engine is in good working order.  Doing this will help assure the gasoline in your engine gets burned more efficiently.     


  • Check your tire pressure. A single tire over or under inflated could increase fuel consumption by 5%. Imagine if all four of your tires were improperly inflated! Don’t forget to check the pressure in your spare as well to avoid driving on an unsafe tire in an emergency.


  • Pay attention while you are driving. Don’t accelerate or brake hard. By anticipating traffic changes you can apply slow and steady acceleration or braking and your fuel economy could increase up to 20%. Try utilizing cruise control on long trips to maximize this benefit.


  • Avoid paying extra pennies at the pump by not buying premium gas – unless it is required by your car manufacturer.  Purchasing more expensive gasoline will not make your car run better or longer. 


  • Turn off you engine. If you will be idling for more than one minute you are better off shutting the car off and restarting it when you are ready to go. Extremists will even employee this concept while waiting at long stop lights.


  • Lighten your load.  Are you hauling around unnecessary and heavy items in your trunk? Dump that stuff – lowering the weight in your car means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard which translates to better gas mileage that can really add up in the long run.


Just visit http://www.narpro.com to find an approved service center in your area. NARPRO helps consumers find reliable and trustworthy Phoenix auto repair and body shops. Shops listed on this site have passed a stringent 26-point test of quality, integrity and customer service.