The average car on the road today is over ten years old, according to a recent USA Today post. Add in auto repair costs to an aging car and owning a vehicle in today’s economy could put an unwanted dent in your wallet. Check out some tips that help you save money on auto repair if you have an older vehicle…

  1. Definitely don’t feel obligated to go to your dealership for routine maintenance and repairs, especially if the warranty is expired on your car. Independent auto repair shops, such as your neighborhood NARPRO repair shop, charge less than your dealer’s vehicle maintenance shop.
  2. Another option could be to attend a local vocational school with repair classes. There, your car can be repaired by a master mechanic who is also a teacher at the school, and the repair cost will often be lower than a dealership or a large auto repair chain.
  3. A third option could be to simply Do-It-Yourself (DIY). DIY repairs will save you money, but they might not save on time, especially if you are not an experienced mechanic. It is always good to first ask your honest NARPROmechanic for advice or suggestions before performing any DIY maintenance.

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