It’s been on the top of people’s minds for awhile now…focusing on a “greener” earth and environment. Which brought about the surge of hybrid vehicles to the market, and then electronic cars as well. However, we’re sure that when it comes to cars, many of us probably can’t afford to rush out and buy a brand new, fuel efficient car.

  • Pay attention to your fuel economy; how you drive has a lot to do with it. Drive the speed limit, and avoid sudden starts and stops. Jerky or aggressive driving will actually decrease your miles per gallon and increase wear and tear on your car.
  • Check your tire pressure. Tires that are not properly inflated add rolling resistance and makes the engine work harder to move the vehicle.  This increases fuel costs as much as three to five cents per gallon, and increases the risk of engine damage. You can find optimal tire pressure for your car by checking your owner’s manual
  • Get regular tune-ups. These combined with maintenance and clean air-filters will help your car pollute less and burn less gas. If your car is properly tuned-up, you can save four percent on gas. Plus, simply changing the car’s air filter can improve efficiency by up to 10 percent.
  • Check your car’s gas cap. If it’s loose or damaged, and especially if it is missing, it can cause your gas to evaporate out of your car. This issue actually causes millions of gallons of gas to evaporate into the air every year. Also, if you top off your gas tank when you fill up will cause your car to release harmful vapors in to the environment.

By paying attention to the above suggestions, you will help minimize the amount of pollutants from your vehicle, keeping the earth you live on a lot greener through better fuel economy.

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