A/C system maintenanceYou’re cruising around town in your car and you notice something doesn’t feel quite right. It’s hotter than usual or you smell something odd. Then, you realize that something is up with your car’s air conditioning system. Summer (or any season, really) is NOT a good time to have an A/C issue in your car. Not sure what could have gone wrong? That’s because there are many reasons why your A/C could not be working properly.

Leaking Refrigerant in Your A/C System

If your vehicle has a refrigerant leak , which could occur at any point in the A/C process, you’ll need a trusted auto repair shop  that can help find the location of the leak. Typically it happens at the hose connections.  Rubber seals and hoses can also lose their elasticity over time and break down, allowing Freon to escape and moisture to enter your vehicle’s A/C system. Moisture is the kiss of death for your A/C system, mixing with refrigerant and creating a system-destroying corrosive acid. The repair technician should use a sealant to close any leaks.

A Blocked Condenser

Your condenser has a very important job. It is supposed to re-cool the hot refrigerant once it has been compressed.  How does it happen? By using the airflow that comes through the front part of your car as you drive. If it is blocked or clogged by road debris, it won’t be able to properly cool refrigerant, but will keep using overheated refrigerant. How does that feel to you? Hot air will blow out, keeping things less than cool.

A Broken Condenser

Nothing blocking the condenser? Then it could be broken. This happens when road debris punctures it as it passes through your front grill, or even simple equipment failure. If you see these punctures, bring it to one of our recommended repair shops to replace or repair.

Electrical Issues Arise

This can be difficult to diagnose, especially without the help of an experienced mechanic. There could be wires that are broken or frayed. A mechanic could fix them with electrical tape or replace them altogether.

Faulty Cooling Fans in Your A/C System

When your fans aren’t working, your condenser may not receive the proper cooling. This leads to hot air blowing out. Cracks in the fan can be the result of road debris and usually your trusted repair shop will have to replace the fan.  Blown fuses can also be an issue. Typically, no one single issue is the obvious one.

The Terrible Smell

Smelling an awful odor coming through the vents? The one that reminds you of old gym socks or a smelly gym locker? This could be due to a dirty or old cabin air filter, or a moldy evaporator case. Mold accumulates and then you’ll start to smell things.

Just because you’re A/C system isn’t working well, or stops working altogether, doesn’t mean we cannot help. One of our recommended repair shops can help quickly and efficiently! Stay cool and let’s get your air conditioning system working properly.