Most of us have not thought about the DMV driving test in a while. Fortunately, it’s not something that we have to take very often. But there still seems to be a lot of bad drivers out on the road – and not just teenagers! Bad driving has no age restrictions, so let these five most common DMV test mistakes serve as a heads up to any young person, and a reminder to any veteran driver of how it’s supposed to be done.

The 5 Most Common DMV Test Mistakes

Top 5 DMV Driving Test Mistakes

1.  Rolling Stops

Now this is one of the most common driving test mistakes, as well as one of the common habits of veteran drivers. It’s like the stop sign is treated as a suggestion. ‘Take a quick look left and right, clear, and keep driving.’ WRONG. Rolling stops are one of the habits that a lot of veteran drivers have developed, and would probably get them failed if they took the test today.

2.  Distracted Driving

This is a big one these days. Technology keeps us tied to our mobile devices. At one time there was nothing but music to distract us, and now we have screens and visual stimulation all around us. Checking your phone during your test and playing your music loud would probably push you over the line of failure as well. Drivers of all ages are quick to ignore this road rule.

3.  Driving too Fast for Conditions

Many people never seem to believe that they have to slow down in inclement weather until they are forced to by an accident, or the police. People who live in places that do not have much experience with certain types of weather are particularly guilty. Being able to recognize conditions where it is not safe to go the speed limit is crucial. DMV testers will fail anybody who is not able to recognize this, yet many of us who should know better, are the biggest perpetrators.

4.  Parallel Parking

Parallel parking strikes fear in the hearts of many drivers. Not typically in cities like New York or Chicago, but rather places where parking spaces are abundant. These states may not even require that drivers demonstrate that they can parallel park as part of a road test. Either way, people barely do it during their test, then never do it again if they don’t have to. The same lack of parallel parking skill in a lot of teens, exists in a lot of older drivers.

5.  Following too Closely

We’ve all experienced this, where people follow us too closely on the highway. Some of us even put on bumper stickers talking about it. But too often, drivers ignore what’s taught during the driving test. Every driver should have several car lengths of distance between them and the car in front of them. Leaving enough reaction time is what driving inspectors look for, but most drivers are only focused on getting where they’re going as fast as possible.

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